Saturday, October 4, 2014

Episode 9 - Mambo Asogwe LaReina - The Mambo-Philes

The Voodoo Priestess is back and we get all X-Files!  The Mambo and I discuss Aliens, Abductions and how it ties in and effects religious thought and faith.
So find a dark corner in The Attic and listen in...did I just see an owl at the attic window???

Mambo LaReina is a Voodoo Priestess, paranormal Investigator, soon to be world-class knife thrower and creator of Dolls. C
lick on the links below if you would like to look at her creations or would like to contact her for a reading/consultation.

Haunted Spirit Dolls on Etsy
Divine Dolls
Florida Divine Weddings
Divine Dolls on Facebook
Mystic Seekers on Facebook
Haunted Spirit Dolls on Facebook
ReAnimation Dolls on Facebook

Contact info:
Facebook Group: The Movie-Fan Attic
twitter: @moviefanattic

Twitter - @stupid_hamster
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