Friday, June 14, 2013

The Movie-Fan Attic

Hey Movie Fans, welcome to the Attic! This will be a monthly podcast where I will have a guest and we will review a movie, guest's choice.  I plan to have podcasters, paranormal investigators, short film directors/producers, artists, musicians, writers, models, a real voodoo priestess and you, the listener.

The format is pretty simple.  The guest and I just sit and chat in a very informal interview.  We get to know the guest and why they picked the particular film we are discussing.  There will also be a segment called "The Coffee Table" where DA Chaney and I will talk about games, books, music or anything else you might find laying around on a typical coffee table.

My first guest and I will be recording the 18th and hope to have the episode posted by July 4th... Kick this thing off with a BANG!

So come on up, find a seat and lets hangout in the Movie-Fan Attic!

Stay tuned...

Contact info:
Facebook Group: The Movie-Fan Attic
twitter: @moviefanattic